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Being proactive – what YOU can do to take some control back…



The last four years has been an exciting time for medical developments for melanoma. New treatments are providing people with improved quality of life and, in many cases, a much better prognosis. Your medical team will offer you the best treatment available for your specific medical situation.

Sometimes, when dealing with medical practitioners, it can feel like things are beyond your control, especially if you don’t understand the medical language for melanoma. This can be intimidating or frustrating and lead to anxiety and feelings of helplessness.

But there are things you can do to take back some control for your melanoma journey and make you feel empowered. Being proactive can help you overcome your emotions so that you can feel mentally strong and deal effectively with feelings like anxiety or stress. This has a positive impact on your health.

Being proactive involves taking simple, yet effective, actions that can work alongside the medical treatments your doctors prescribe so that the combined actions can help you achieve the best possible health outcome.



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These actions and ideas are known as Lifestyle Options. Lifestyle Options are evidence based natural therapies that can be used alongside conventional medicine. They aim to improve general wellbeing and quality of life and can help people cope with the side effects of cancer. Lifestyle Options usually focus on you as a whole person; both your physical and emotional health, not just the part of your body that is affected by cancer.

There are many Lifestyle Options that are proven to be beneficial to your sense of wellbeing. Cancer Support WA, Solaris Care and Cancer Council WA provide many of these services at little or no charge. If you would like to learn more about Lifestyle Options or talk about what options could be right for you, call melanomaWA on 9322 1908 or email support@melanomawa.org.au.

We recommend talking to your doctor about any Lifestyle Options that you are considering.