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Getting a melanoma diagnosis…

Getting a melanoma diagnosis is a shock! The fact that it is a type of cancer can be very intimidating to hear. You might feel like life was ticking along normally, but now everything appears to have changed.

You may be consumed with thoughts about what it will actually mean to have melanoma, or you’ve just realised you have forgotten everything your doctor has just told you about having melanoma. Or you may be the partner, family or friend of someone who has just received this news.

The important thing to remember is that the prognosis for the majority of people diagnosed with melanoma is good.


We offer guidance to deal with a recent diagnosis.

As you come to terms with your diagnosis, you may experience a range of emotions. It can feel like you’re on a rollercoaster ride. You may feel angry, isolated or frightened. You may be hungry for information about melanoma, or you may just try to block your news out altogether and deal with it another time. Everyone reacts differently to the news of having melanoma.

The information on this website is designed to help you though your journey with melanoma. We provide information to help you learn about and understand more about melanoma. We provide you, and your family, friends and carers, with support services to help you take control of your emotions and feel more confident. And, we can also talk to you about different services or helpful therapies that are available to you to help you feel better and improve your wellbeing.

All this information is also contained within a Support Pack that can be mailed out or collected. It contains the same information as the website. If you would like a Support Pack, please email wa@melanoma.org.au or call us on Ph: 9322 1908.

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