Contributing in other ways

You can contribute to melanomaWA’s efforts in many different ways

Donating gifts as prizes at our Awareness and Fundraising Events

We are always on the look out for auction items or prizes for our many events throughout the year. You could donate anything from a voucher or a king-size bed through to the use of a holiday house anywhere in Australia or abroad.

If you have an item that you believe would make a suitable prize at one of our events, email donna.matthews@melanoma.org.au or call us on Ph: 9322 1908.

Name melanomaWA as the recipient for your donation in an organised sporting event

Team MelanomaIf you would like melanomaWA to be the recipient of your participation fees in the annual City to Surf, HBF Fun Run or a Tour de Cure style organised sporting event, please join Team Melanoma! Your fun challenge will support a great cause. To find out more, email us at donna.matthews@melanoma.org.au, or call us on 9322 1908.



Volunteering your time or expertise

Volunteering Your Time or ExpertiseWe always need more helping hands to support our melanomaWA activities. You can volunteer your time at one of our events or in our office down at the beautiful Cancer Wellness Centre in Cottesloe.

We are always seeking to improve the way we do things and would love your input. If you have a particular skill set that you think we could benefit from, such as event planning, PR or communications, please get in touch with us.

If you want to help just the one time or regularly, we will be incredibly grateful. To find out more, email donna.matthews@melanoma.org.au or call us on Ph: 9322 1908.

Purchasing an Entertainment Book

Every year we offer the Entertainment Book. Receive the benefits of hundreds of different discounted vouchers while supporting melanomaWA at the same time. Purchasing an Entertainment Book pays for itself many times over. It’s a win-win for you and for melanomaWA. To find out more, email donna.matthews@melanoma.org.au or call us on Ph: 9322 1908.