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Get Involved

melanomaWA is a non-profit organisation. This means we rely on generous support from individuals or businesses to keep us on track with our mission to reduce the impact of melanoma on our community.

There are many different ways to support us with our community work, from making a one-off donation, to volunteering your expertise and skills to help us with our work, to setting up workplace giving for your entire workforce. It doesn’t have to be big; each contribution is very important to us because it adds up to a resource that is very helpful for us to carry out our work.

We appreciate everyone’s efforts.

If you are an individual wishing to support melanomaWA, please read our Direct Donations and Other Ways to Contribute pages to discover a way that suits you.

If you represent an organisation that is interested in supporting melanomaWA through corporate channels, please read our How to Become a Corporate Sponsors section.