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Education sessions

Melanoma prevention = UV protection + early detection

It’s almost that simple!
We want to teach you the rest!

FACT!   Melanoma is a type of skin cancer that generally develops as a result of too much exposure to UV radiation.
FACT!   It is the most common form of cancer for 15-39 year olds. Yes……only 15 years old!
FACT!   Melanoma is preventable! When detected early, melanoma can be entirely removed. In most cases, this will be the only treatment required. But if left undetected, melanoma can spread to other parts of the body, including vital organs.
FACT!   Melanoma is not just the big scary mole we all know to look out for. It can look like a small pimple too.

Do you know all the other FACTS! about melanoma?

Education Sessions2We do, and we want you to have all the correct information so you can protect yourself from melanoma while enjoying our great Western Australian outdoors lifestyle.

melanomaWA will come to your school, community group or workplace to provide an education session about melanoma prevention and sun and skin safety. At the end of our education session, you will understand how to change your behaviour when it comes to UV protection. You will:

  • understand the dangers of UV radiation;
  • understand the importance of knowing the daily UV Index and how to protect yourself accordingly;
  • be able to identify your personal risk factors for developing melanoma; and
  • appreciate the importance of early detection.

Education Sessions1melanomaWA has delivered hundreds of presentations out in the community and in different settings. From a 6am Toolbox Talk to a ladies’ fishing club to a high school science unit on B-RAF gene mutation. Our melanomaWA education session has broad relevance to our Western Australian lifestyle.

If you would like to read testimonials about our education sessions, please follow the link to our testimonials.

If you would like to know more about our education sessions, call the office on Ph: 9322 1908 or email awareness@melanomawa.org.au.