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Awareness – Changing People’s Behaviour, One Person at a Time

AwarenessWe go into the community and raise awareness around the topic of melanoma. Not only do we pass on the correct information about melanoma prevention, we also inspire people to change their behaviour positively towards their health.

We can do this in many different ways:

  • We do education sessions at schools, community groups and the work place about melanoma prevention and being proactive towards health
  • We create community events that give people the opportunity to learn about melanoma prevention in an interactive way, like our melanomaWA Community Skin Screening week. Learning is doing!!
  • We hold fun events where people come together in a positive and happy environment, and learn about melanoma while supporting our mission to reduce the impact of melanoma on our community. Like our Zumbathon.

Skin cancer is Australia’s national cancer, and melanoma is the most threatening type of skin cancer. So we want to keep melanoma topical and remind you all through the year that you need to stay safe in the sun and look after your skin.