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Champions of melanomaWA

The following individuals, families, community groups and business organisations have donated to our cause to assist us in our mission of minimising the impact of melanoma on West Australians through our awareness initiatives and support services in the community.

Please join us in thanking them!

Service Delivery Partners

melanomaWA’s work is made possible with help and support from many other non-profit organisations and service providers. These collaborative efforts make our support and awareness initiatives come to life.

The collaborations are sometimes simple, like providing melanomaWA with a comfortable room to facilitate regular support meetings, through to partnering with us for a major event, like when the Lions Cancer Institute join us with their fully equipped Mobile Skin Screening bus, supported by a team of trained volunteers.

You can find out more about the work of these organisations by following the link to each organisation’s website.

We appreciate all our partnerships and their continued support and look forward to opportunities to grow these partnerships further.

Thank you to the following organisations that regularly commit their support to melanomaWA :

Lions Cancer Institute




Cancer Council WA




Breast Cancer Care WA




ECU Melanoma Research Group

The ECU Melanoma Research Group was established in 2007 to develop melanoma research in Western Australia and to raise awareness of melanoma in the community.  The Group’s primary focus is to develop blood tests to detect circulating melanoma cells, tumour DNA or other cancer biomarkers in the patient’s blood early in the disease process.  This will not only allow clinicians to monitor patients for disease status and recommend an appropriate course of treatment at an early stage, but also inform them earlier of drug efficacy or drug resistance, allowing a better patient prognosis.

Skin Check WA skincheckwa

Western Australian Melanoma Advisory Service



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Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research



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Cancer Support WA



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Solaris Cancer Care WA




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