melanomaWA is a non-profit organisation that has one very big and important mission at the core of all of its activities:

We want to reduce the impact of melanoma on our community

We do this in two ways:

  • we directly support people who have melanoma;  and
  • we raise community awareness about melanoma.

Support – we are here to help

Firstly, we help people who have been diagnosed with melanoma get access to information and all sorts of support services so they can learn how to take control of their melanoma journey. This can inspire confidence and improve a person’s well-being, which can in turn improve their prognosis. Our support is also extended to their family, friends and carers. This can help ease the emotional load when caring for loved ones.

Awareness – changing people’s behaviour, one person at a time

We want to reduce the incidence of melanoma in our community.  Skin cancer is Australia’s national cancer, and melanoma is the most threatening type of skin cancer.  We want everyone to know that melanoma is largely preventable. So we go into the community and raise awareness about melanoma prevention through UV protection and early detection.

We can do this in many different ways:

  • We create community events that give people the opportunity to learn about melanoma prevention in an interactive way, like our melanomaWA Community Skin Screening week. Learning is doing!
  • We hold fun events where people come together in a positive and happy environment, and learn about melanoma while supporting our mission to reduce the impact of melanoma on our community.
  • Our melanomaWA ambassadors help to spread awareness to minimise the impact of melanoma on West Australians.

We want to keep melanoma topical and remind you all through the year that you need to stay safe in the sun and look after your skin.

Partners and Supporters

Our mission is championed and greatly helped by many individual supporters, partner organisations and other supporters.


Our board of directors is resonsible for strategic and governance matters, and for appointing our CEO.

Wanslea House

Cancer Wellness CentremelanomaWA has become a member organisation of the Cancer Wellness Centre. This centre is an incorporated association of member organisations dedicated to providing support for cancer patients in Western Australia.

The Cancer Wellness Centre is located at Wanslea House in Cottesloe. This impressive heritage listed two-storey building has a long and interesting history of caring for West Australians.

The Independent Order of Oddfellows built it as an orphanage in 1905. Later on, it was used as a convalescent home for returned servicemen in World War II. Between 1947 and 1984, it operated as Wanslea, caring for the children of sick mothers as well as other children from broken homes, with families in crisis. Since 1985, it has been the home of Cancer Support WA, supporting people with all types of cancer throughout all stages of the disease.

The refurbishment and management is supervised by the National Trust of Australia (WA). With the completion of building works in October 2014, this campus is now home to Breast Cancer Care WA, melanomaWA and the Brady Cancer Support Foundation, in addition to long term tenant, Cancer Support WA.